Saturday, November 17, 2007

[rat attack]

UPDATE:  Pictures deleted as part of my flickr clean-up.  Will add back at a later date.

Our most recent homeowner adventure - the attack of the rats.

Earlier this evening we borrowed a rat trap from our neighbor after finding rat droppings in the garage.(thanks Colleen - can we borrow a cat too?!?)

9:15 pm - We decided one trap wasn't enough.
1. Attempted trip to Home Depot - closed.
2. Attempted trip to Target - no rat traps.
3. Trip to grocery store - gold mine!

We headed home - set the 5 additional traps.
10:00 - Heard the SNAP. When we went out to check on it we realized there were 2 traps that had gone off. After much debate over how to get the rats (one didn't actually get trapped and was still twitching around) we decided to each take care of one.
10:40 - 5 of the traps are re-set (there's no way I was worrying about getting my rat out of the trap - so that got disposed of too...$2.49 we aren't worried about tossing away) and we are hoping we don't hear more tonight - I hope there aren't any more rats in the garage!

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