Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowed In....

UPDATE:  Pictures deleted as part of my flickr clean-up.  Will add back at a later date.

We are STILL snowed in. There have been horrible accidents around the greater Seattle area all day...I guess it is probably lucky that we can't leave the house! They are forecasting another huge storm with snow and wind coming in tomorrow.

I still haven't gotten around to sorting my Panama pictures yet, so here are some pictures from the Mile High Flea Market in Denver from our trip over the Halloween weekend.

The flea market would have been the perfect place for Christmas shopping...too bad I wasn't thinking that far ahead!

I could have gotten someone a "cheep cheep" birdhouse
Cheep Cheep

Or gotten any number of things for a $1
everything $1

How about a Bimbo outfit?

Or some Avon products?

Jackets or socks anyone?

Snow boots would come in handy right about now. I could have been the most stylish person on my block.
snow boots

The chili roasting stands actually smelled amazing...
Chili Roasting

Maybe next year I'll head the the flea market just to do my Christmas shopping....or maybe I'll just buy myself a whole new wardrobe while there!

Did anyone notice my new FESTIVE blog design? I'm posting my old blog header below, only because otherwise I'll lose it forever!


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