Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last weekend was BEAUTIFUL ~ and we were lucky enough to share it with Joel’s parents. 

First, Joel and his parents went to Bremerton and saw the aircraft carrier (while I was stuck at work for the day)

aircraft carrier 1

joel decided that my sunglasses were cooler than his…so he wore them for the day.

<Digimax D53>

Greg and Roxann were glad to finally enjoy some sun after being in snowy Wyoming for so long.



The next day we tried to go to the tulip festival but were about a week too early – so we saw daffodils instead.



and here’s joel again…I think he likes the camera.


We drove up through Bellingham and got to see the Twin Sisters Peaks


oh….and I can’t leave this post without mentioning how much fun we had with all of our quality time in the car.




coming soon …the rest of the weekend -  WHALE WATCHING!

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