Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Olympics!

I LOVE winter! (well, not Seattle winters...those are just wet and grey...and my job isn't exactly conducive to letting me enjoy winters, but I guess that is the way it goes)

With the Winter Olympics going on, I was reminiscing of my trip to the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002. My high school cross country ski team made the trek from Casper, WY down to Salt Lake to watch one of the cross country ski races. What an experience!!! It was amazing getting to see all the excitement around the Olympics in person, I wish I had the chance to go see the Vancouver Olympics since I only live a few hours away from that excitement.

Here are a few of us that made the trip together. I can't believe this was 8 YEARS AGO!!! (but I am happy to say that the group of us in this picture still keep in touch!)

2002 Salt Lake Olympics

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Mary Marantz said...

color me jealous!! How much would I LOVE to go see the Olympics! That's so awesome!