Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hedgehog Time

Our dinner with Pike Place ingredients wasn’t nearly as gourmet as I had envisioned, we ended up keeping it really simple so the highlights would be the fun ingredients we purchased at the market.

First – a close-up of the hedgehog mushrooms:


Aren’t they so cool looking???

And the final product…we tossed the pasta with a little pesto and parmesan cheese, and sauteed the mushrooms with a little margarine.  The mushrooms cooked down a ton – we thought we had purchased plenty for our meal, but Joel and I each only ended up with a couple bites.



I really want to take advantage of all of the awesome wild mushrooms we have here in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m thinking about going to a class put on by the Puget Sound Mycological Society so that Joel and I can go hunt mushrooms on our own.  How cool does that sound???  Hedgehog and black trumpet season is almost over, but morel season is coming up!!

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Tabasco said...

Sounds like fun