Friday, March 14, 2008

Pole Vaulting and Free Photo Sessions

My sister made it to nationals for pole vaulting (division II) and vaulted today. I was so proud of her! They were streaming the meet online so I was hoping to get to watch from work, but I had a meeting come up at the last minute and wasn't able to see her vaults. I'm so sad I missed out - but here is a picture from her qualifying meet - I'm so happy I got to see that! Enjoy the rest of your time at nationals lil sis!

Christy Pole Vault 3.1.2008

I haven't had a chance to do a photoshoot for two weeks and I miss it so much. If anyone out there would like a free session sometime in the next two weeks (Saturday or Sunday) let me know! I am offering a few more free sessions with the option to purchase either a discounted CD with the images ($50) or discounted prints (pricing of prints can be discussed)

Here are a few of my favorite recent images -

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