Sunday, January 25, 2009

Less than 6 months…

Until I turn 25!  Wow – I can’t believe how close it is.  A little over a year ago I made a list of 20 things I wanted to do before I turned 25.  It was supposed to be a 25 by 25 list, but I could only come up with 20 things, and since most were pretty big, I decided that was fine.  Here are a few of those items:

1.  Run a half marathon.  I’m planning to run the Olympic Discovery Half Marathon in June.  Wish me luck with training.  I have about 2 months left of “pre-training” followed by a 3 month training program.

2.  Photograph a newborn.  I completed this a couple times this year – and love it so much I am hoping to do some more!

3.  Travel to a state I’ve never been to.  I went to Georgia for a training for work last summer – so that one is completed.  If you ever make it to Atlanta, I highly recommend going to the Georgia Aquarium and Miss Mary Macs Tea House for some southern cooking.

4.  Travel to a country I’ve never been to. Joel and I went to Panama over Thanksgiving and had such a great time!

5.  Several of my 20 items relate to completing various aspects of our home remodel.  I’ll spare you the details for now of exactly what we still need to do.

6.  Make end tables for our living room.  When we were in college we found a table at a garage sale, and for $10  and a little TLC we were able to refinish it into a beautiful marble table for our living room.  We bought some wood and know where to get some marble tile to make end-tables to match our other table.

7.  Photograph a wedding. I would LOVE to be able to photograph a wedding.  I love all things wedding, and of course I love photography – so I decided that I am ready to take the next step with my portfolio, and I am currently looking for a wedding to shoot. 

8.  Complete another triathlon.  I’ve moved the deadline on this to sometime during the year in which I turn 25, because I don’t think it will be realistic to complete a half marathon and a triathlon before July – especially with everything else we have going on over the next several months.  Let me know if you know about a good sprint tri in the greater Seattle area sometime late summer of 2009.

9.  Obtain my CPA license.  I was so excited during Thanksgiving of 2007 after finding out I passed the CPA exam. 

10.  Volunteer 2 days per year. Luckily I work for a very socially conscious company, and there have been many opportunities for me to spend time volunteering every year.

The rest aren’t quite as exciting and are more personal, so I’ll leave with those 10 for now!

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