Friday, January 30, 2009

What a day!

I’m so glad its Friday – but have a busy weekend ahead of work, a fun photoshoot, and more work (oh yeah – and I have to hem Joel’s pants….anyone want to teach me how???).

Today was a crazy day…I was busy at work and have a lot more I need to get done….which means a weekend full of work.  To top things off, as I was trying to wrap things up and make it possible to work from home this weekend, I spilled an ENTIRE WATERBOTTLE on my laptop!  After some help from my team to clean up the mess (unplugging my laptop, removing the battery, shutting it down, wiping off my desk, and on and on and on), I gave my computer a chance to dry and tried to turn it on again…only to find out that IT WOULDN’T TURN ON! I immediately called someone in our IT department (who was sitting at our office a half an hour away from the client I was at) to see what I should do.  He starting prepping another computer for me to pick up, but said he might be able to save my hard drive.  After wrapping some things up at work, I made it to the office at 4:45 and was relieved to find out my hard drive was fine.  They swapped out computer shells and everything is fixed…and I walked away with a new computer shell.  What a way to end a Friday!

Tomorrow (after a few hours of work) I have the chance to do a photo shoot for a 9 month old.  I can’t wait to meet you baby Nolan and mom Sherri!  Pictures to come (hopefully) early next week.

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