Saturday, April 16, 2011

2009 12 Apostles Cabernet Sauvignon Review (by Joel)

If you haven’t read any of my previous wine reviews, all you need to know beforehand is that I focus on the value of the wine based on what I paid.  I am not only looking for a good tasting wine, but I’m looking for a great wine at a great price.  If you want more detail on how I define a good value, see my first wine review.  So now to the review…
The bottle is a 2009 12 Apostles Cabernet Sauvignon from Aussie Vineyards. We bought this at Grocery Outlet for $2.99. Aussie Vineyards lists Grocery Outlet as the only US distributor so I ignore the regular price of $12.99 that Grocery Outlet claims the wine sells for elsewhere.  In my previous review of a 2009 Buckley’s Cove cabernet, I suspected that the 12 Apostles cabernet and the Buckley’s Cove cabernet were in fact the same wine under two different brandings by Aussie Vineyards.  After trying both, I no longer think that it is the same wine.  The Buckley’s Cove was a terrible wine, getting a low value rating and an overall score of 2 out of 10.  I’m happy to report the 12 Apostles is a little better.
The wine itself has a dark appearance that glows more purple than red. Like the other south Australian cabernet’s I’ve had, 12 Apostles was too dry for my taste.  It had a sweet plum and berry flavor. It’s mild flavor left it feeling underaged. For the price I paid, I was content enough to finish the bottle but I won’t be buying again unless my options were pretty limited.  If you’ve pulled this review up on your phone while standing in the wine aisle, my recommendation would be to try the wine for yourself if you get it at $3 but pass at any higher price.
Wine rating: 4 out of 10
Value Rating: Medium


Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for posting your reviews.

I would rate 12 apostles 2009 Cab. Sauv as a 5, and on the relative value meter 8. I like that it is not too heavy. In fact I have found all 12 Apostles wines (Chardonnay and Shiraz as well) to be good values.

Grocery Outlet is an interesting place. Often you get decent wines for very good prices. For instance, a while back they had Renwood Old Vines Zinfandel for $3 or $4. That was a heck of a deal. The trick is to run back and buy a case when you find one you like. Other times you take a chance and get swill. That gets used as cooking wine.

Anonymous said...

Just be aware: South Eastern Australia (region) does not mean South Australia (the state). Most wines that carry this somewhat misleading description are actually from Victoria. The most famous Aussie Cab Sauv region is Coonawarra in South Australia; this wine might be trying to ride on SA's coattails.
(Aussie drinker here)