Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moray – Peru

FINALLY getting pictures from Peru last year sorted ;-). 

These pictures are from Moray Peru.  We hired a cab in Ollayantambo (for under $50 for the whole day – and that included a generous tip) to take us to some of the surrounding areas, including Salineras de Maras and Moray.

Moray was one of the coolest places we’ve ever seen.  There were several large circles in the valley, each with several different terraces.  Our cab drive told us (and some of this may have been lost in translation, so if really interested I’m sure you can find more online) that each of the different levels was used to grow different types of crops because the elevations provided different “sub-climates”. 

Looking down on the circles, and at pictures before we even got there, I was expecting them to be a lot smaller, each new level maybe 4 feet higher than the rest – but I think these pictures really show how incredible this sight actually was…and to be completely honest, it was quite a hike climbing up those little stone steps in circle after circle.

Moray Collage

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