Friday, November 19, 2010


We hopped on a plane yesterday morning around 8, and we finally made it - 25 hours, 3 flights and 5 time zones later. It’s 2:30pm here in Montevideo and we just got to our hotel. We both want to go out and explore, but we decided that showers and a quick nap are probably the best route to go right now.
Views from our window:
view from window 3
view from window2
I’m so excited to see this up close:
view from window1
There is such an old European feel around here…and then you see modern structures like this one:
cool building
And a sinking ship? really?
sinking ship
Getting excited to go walk around. We saw some amazing looking strawberries for sale on our walk from the bus to the hotel that we might just have to go check out.

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