Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welcome Baby Noah!

I had such a great time at my newborn session today - Baby Noah is so cute! Here are a few pictures. I still have a ton to go through - so expect more later.


Garden Fresh

I love watching my garden grow! I planted some basil seedlings in my basil square and some beans and peas along two of the rows. I can't wait to start harvesting some of the delicious veggies! (If you click on the picture it will take you to flickr with comments over each item detailing what it is)


I also decided to plant a smaller (2 feet by 2 feet) box with spring mix. Hopefully once it starts to come up I can just cut what I need for fresh salads.

small garden 6.7.2008

And just for fun - here is a picture of a rose from our rose bush. While I really HATE our rose bush - it does get some pretty blooms!

I'm off to do some housework before the newborn session I'm shooting later this afternoon.

Friday Night Date

Joel and I typically go out to eat on Fridays because neither of us want to cook after a long week at work and Friday is a good date night. This past Friday we were both in the mood for seafood but didn't want to spend very much money. Sadly - all the restaurants with good seafood are quite pricey. We made a quick stop at the grocery store for some salmon, clams, shrimp, asparagus, Italian bread, and a slice of cheesecake and threw together a delicious seafood feast.

Clam appetizers (steamed)


Asparagus, jumbo shrimp, and salmon (asparagus was steamed and the jumbo shrimp and salmon were grilled on a cedar plank):

On the grill (we brushed the salmon with a teriyaki sauce)
seafood platter before

seafood platter served


Monday, June 2, 2008

a food experiment

My most recent kitchen experiement:

lunch - 6.1.2008

from bottom to top:
smashed black beans
partially cooked spinach
homemade salsa
cheddar cheese

i do have to say that it.was.delicious!

June 2. Already??

UPDATE:  Pictures deleted as part of my flickr clean-up.  Will add back at a later date.

Wow - time is flying! So much has happened in the past month - I don't know where to begin.

Joel's aunt and uncle, Cathy and Jeff came and visited for the first two weekends of May - they have a goal to visit all the national parks in the US - so they used our house as base camp and visited the Washington parks during the week.

Joel's sister graduated high school over Memorial Day weekend - so we made the trek back to Casper, WY to spend the weekend with his family. Sadly we traded a beautiful weekend in Seattle for a rainy weekend in Casper. We also missed seeing my college roommate while back in WY - Maggie - hopefully we'll see you AND the new baby over Christmas. In the meantime - I need to get this in the mail!

This past weekend we played catch-up - which consisted of a lot of yard work (did I mention I planted a garden a few weeks ago?) and some house chores. Joel also worked on finishing our fireplace (pictures to come when its finished).

June 1, 2008



Our summer feels like it is almost over and it hasn't even really begun yet! Joel travels for work for 3 weeks in June, we spend just over a week in Alaska for vacation, I travel for a week for work in July, Joel travels for 2 weeks for work in August, we visit my family for a week in late August, and we do a road trip around WA over Labor Day.

I will hopefully have the chance to do a photo shoot with this baby sometime next weekend.