Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Olympics!

I LOVE winter! (well, not Seattle winters...those are just wet and grey...and my job isn't exactly conducive to letting me enjoy winters, but I guess that is the way it goes)

With the Winter Olympics going on, I was reminiscing of my trip to the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002. My high school cross country ski team made the trek from Casper, WY down to Salt Lake to watch one of the cross country ski races. What an experience!!! It was amazing getting to see all the excitement around the Olympics in person, I wish I had the chance to go see the Vancouver Olympics since I only live a few hours away from that excitement.

Here are a few of us that made the trip together. I can't believe this was 8 YEARS AGO!!! (but I am happy to say that the group of us in this picture still keep in touch!)

2002 Salt Lake Olympics

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trip Planning

Wampus was helping me plan our upcoming Thanksgiving trip.



Unfortunately, he thinks we should go to Brazil instead of Uruguay and Argentina.


Sorry are already booked!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

forgot to mention…

I forgot to mention in my last post that Girls on the Run made it onto Eric’s Little Heroes (a program through Komo news that features local kids’ sporting events in the Seattle area).  Check it out – the video is so cute!!!

Girls on the Run is SO MUCH FUN!

Last summer I joined the board of directors for Girls on the Run of Puget Sound and am having a blast being involved in this organization.  I got several friends together and we ran the GOTR 5k last December (this just reiterates how far behind on posting I am). 

The theme was SUPER HEROES and since most of us work for Ernst & Young, we decided to be Ernie’s Angels (Charlie’s Angels qualify as super heroes right???).

Here is our awesome team, plus Joel, the supportive bag carrier.


Thank you everyone for joining the team!  Mark your calendars for the spring 5k on May 22 – we’ll be running buddies this time around!


The couple weekends ago a our friends Krista and Brian came and stayed the weekend with us and brought their dog Brodie.  Brodie was such a fun dog, I was hoping they would accidently leave him in Seattle with us. 
Isn’t he such a beautiful dog??
Can you guess what breed he is?

and just for fun….here is a picture from Krista’s blackberry of Brian and Joel enjoying a friendly competition of wii swimming: