Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mexico Recap (part 1 of ???)

Day 1:

We got an upgrade to FIRST CLASS….which means free drinks (but first thing in the morning doesn’t sound too great) and use of a DigEPlayer.  I watched Bride Wars (Joel is so glad I watched it on the plane so he didn’t have to watch with me) and Taken (a GREAT movie!)

flighttomexico03web flighttomexico11web flighttomexico17web flighttomexico19web

We checked in to the Hilton in Cancun and grabbed a quick dinner at the Italian restaurant on the resort (where we happened to be the only customers…a trend throughout our trip).  We then headed out to the pool where we happened to run into our flight crew.  They had had quite a bit to drink already – especially the first class flight attendant – and they kept giving poor Joel a hard time for only drinking apple juice on our flight down to Mexico.  They also informed us that Michael Jackson had passed away (announced around the time we landed in Cancun) and the first class flight attendant invited us to her Michael Jackson memorial party (they were a Seattle based crew).


Day 2:

We caught a bus to Walmart (sorry Christy!) to buy drinking water.  Joel carried our 4 gallon jug back to the hotel (via the bus).  (anyone headed to cancun – we caught the R-2 bus from the hotel zone for 7.5 pesos per person).  After spending some time in the ocean and at the pool that afternoon we headed to Casa Maguey for delicious (but pricey) Mexican food and had a mariachi band sing to us.  After our very pricey meal, we headed into the attached mall and grabbed dessert at Burger King (yes – Burger King. in Mexico…). 


Day 3:

Pictures to come later – there are A LOT!!

We picked up a rental car and drove to Chichen Itza for the day.  It was about a 2.5 hour drive there and was worth every minute of it.  It was AMAZING!  We paid an English speaking guide about $30 for about an hour and a half tour – which was also worth it.  I think we got so much more out of ruins since the guide was able to show us so much – and explain a lot of the history and details.  About 3 years ago they stopped allowing people to climb the Chichen Itza ruins – so we were hoping to stop at the Ek Balam ruins on our way back to Cancun, because you can climb on those towers, but the site was closed by the time we got through.  We did drive through the Mayan village by those ruins and the simplicity of the town is beyond words. 

Day 4:

Another pool/beach day.  For dinner we headed into Cancun and after getting off the bus we found ourselves in the middle of a political rally (elections in Mexico were July 4th and 5th).  We found our way to a row of restaurants – and people from each restaurant were trying to make deals with us (free drinks, free chips, etc).  We finally picked a restaurant – and again were the only customers there!

Day 5:

After packing we caught a bus to the bus station in Cancun to catch a different bus to Playa del Carmen (ADO bus terminal – bus from cancun to playa was 38 pesos each).

day501web day502web day503web

Once in Playa we caught a ferry to Cozumel.  Joel hauled all of our luggage around from place to place.



Grabbed lunch at El Abuelo.


Found an internet cafe (1 hour of internet for 10 pesos!), and found a place to rent a car. 

day506web day507web

After checking into our resort, going for a quick snorkel, we made our way back into Cozumel for dinner (where again – we were given deals by all the restaurants and found ourselves as the only customers at the restaurant we picked)


More of the trip to come later!!

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