Wednesday, July 8, 2009

organizing. the spice drawer.

i finally got around to organizing my spice drawer.  this is a project i’ve wanted to take on for awhile – but even though it was really simple (15 minutes MAX!), it had previously seemed overwhelming to me.  i had all sorts of bags of spices and herbs – some labeled, some not….some commonly used, some never touched.  and for some reason in my mind – i wanted all my spices in matching jars.

I finally bit the bullet – I threw out my unlabeled (un-identifiable) spices, threw out some of the really old stuff, and came up with a new approach.  i’ve decided the best approach to take with spices is to only keep jars of spices/herbs that I use frequently.  when I come across a spice or an herb in a recipe that I don’t have – I’ll buy a small amount of that spice from a bulk bin (at winco or fred meyer) specifically for that meal.]

I wiped down all my spice jars with a water/white vinegar mix and added freshly printed labels to my glass jars, and lined them all up in the drawer.  there is still some space for some new jars (and I’d like to combine my 3 jars of sea salt into one bigger jar), but I think it looks pretty good for now! there is even space at the back for overflow of common spices and to stash my one time use spices.


does anyone have a good list of spices they recommend to keep on hand?

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