Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Glimpse of History

I’m not a huge history buff, but I find ruins so fascinating. Machu Picchu on our Peru trip and Chichen Itza in Mexico were so cool to see!!  

There are a TON of ruins in Belize.  There is no way we can see them all (and I’m sure I would get burnt out after a few), but picking which ones we want to see is going to be really tricky!

1.  Tikal, Guatemala; Our trip is to Belize, but so many people cross the boarder to make it to Tikal.  Tikal is the largest site in Central America and covers 23 square miles.  Large portions of it still haven’t been excavated and a lot of the buildings are in really good condition.

Tikal Ruins6

2.  Lamanai – This site has over 700 Mayan buildings.  I think you take a boat up a river to the site, and the site is on a lagoon.  You are even allowed to climb up one of the temples (by the time we made it to Chichen Itza they had started prohibiting people from climbing on the ruins.  We were disappointed, but I’m glad they will be around for a long time)


3.  Caracol – this is the largest site in Belize.  Excavation began around 1985 and is still going on. 

File:Panorama atop Caracol.png

4.  Xunantunich – This is a smaller site in Belize, but apparently has a huge temple in it.  From the top of one of the temple you can see Guatemala in one direction and San Ignacio (Belize) in another direction. This is less touristy than some of the other sites

the large temple


And these are only from one day of research – so many options!

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Tabasco! said...

I vote for Tikal!