Thursday, March 10, 2011

Loreto Mexico

Its no secret that I LOVE to travel…and I LOVE to hear about other peoples travels.  The other day a co-worker was telling me about one of her upcoming trips.  It was a quick conversation, but left me wanting to learn more.
North of Los Cabos: As the population of Loreto, Mexico, grows from 16,000, the waterfront is slowly getting a new look. The first project is a $3 billion development with 6,000 homes, along with spas, shops and golf.
Beautiful Loreto Mexico.  Our Lady of Loreto Mission was the first Spanish settlement in the Californias.  Fast forward 300 years and the area is being revived through a new development – Loreto Bay.  This development is so different than the development in other destination Mexico cities like Cabo and Cancun.  This development is being done in a very conscious, sustainable way.  There is wind power and solar power.  All of the pools are salt water…and the grass on the golf course is watered using salt water from the ocean.  The development is calling itself “largest sustainable resort community under development in North America.”  

While there you can go fishing, diving, kayaking, sailing, and hanging out on the beach… there is also amazing old architecture and the town is filled with history

You really can’t beat this beautiful scenery!

I don’t even really like golf – but look at that course.

Mountains in one direction, ocean in the other.  75 – 90 degrees year round.

My co-worker is heading down for Holy Week (the week before Easter) and will get to celebrate the Easter season by participating in traditional celebrations from Palm Sunday through Good Friday.  Beautiful scenery, countless activities, and traditional celebrations in one of the most historic towns in North America.  I’m so jealous!
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