Wednesday, March 2, 2011

While Katy was out (by Joel)

Katy had to work really late tonight, so she couldn’t blog. While I was all alone at home, I created a guest-blog for her. I was really sad that she had to work late...


Since I was on my own, I had to make my own dinner. I made what is called a Joel-meal. It was a croissant egg and sausage sandwich.  Here is the recipe:

1 HYTOP frozen croissant egg and sausage sandwich (HYTOP is cheaper than Jimmy Dean).


FYI-James Dean was an actor, Jimmy Dean makes sausage.

Dean_3 images

Next: Remove the packaging and microwave on high for 66 seconds.

DSC00116 '

Next: Enjoy the delicious sandwich!


*I stole this last picture from Google since I ate the sandwich before I could take a picture.  The rest of the pictures I took. My best work is probably the one of James Dean.

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Tabasco said...

Katy is a lot better at this than you.