Thursday, March 24, 2011


Joel and I got a pet for Christmas.  His name is Gus and he cleans our house.   
Gus cleans our floors every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but after about an hour he gets tired and goes back to his home. Since he only plays for about an hour at a time, he only does the main portion of our house on a regular basis.  When we don’t close the doors to the bedrooms, he wanders into the rooms and isn’t able to find his way home. 
The other day Joel was the last one out of the house and FORGOT to close the bedroom doors.  That evening we couldn’t seem to find where Gus had fallen asleep and somehow this sign found its way to our front door.
I think it is about time we got a real pet…but maybe not since we can’t keep track of this one!

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