Monday, March 14, 2011


As I’ve said before, Cozumel is one of my all time favorite places.  I was looking back at the blog and realized that I never finished posting about our 2009 trip to Mexico.  At this point that doesn’t really matter, but I thought I’d at least share a few pictures from the Cozumel portion of the trip.


We rented a red slug bug to tour the island.  We rented it through Isis and found their prices to be fair and service to be good.  We’d definitely recommend them.



One day we spent about a half a day driving around the island.  Really it is just one big loop and if you drive the entire thing without stopping it would probably take an hour and a half or so.  We stopped at many different places and probably took 4-5 hours.

Cozumel has several different sites with ruins.  Not nearly as grand as Chichen Itza, but still really cool.  This was our stop at El Cedral.  


This is near the south point of the island.  The water was really rough and the shoreline was really rocky.

At one point on our drive we stopped and bought a coconut from a vendor on the side of the road.  It cost about $4, which is kind of ridiculous since the vendor just picks them up from the trees on the island, but it sure tasted delicious!


Also on Cozumel is a tequila museum.  I thought there would be more information on how the tequila is made..but really it was just a big store with free tastings. 

Back at our hotel, Fiesta Americana, we enjoyed blue skies, blue seas, and awesome snorkeling.  The snorkeling right out the door of the resort is actually some of the best on the island, and other snorkel tours take their tour groups there.


This was such an awesome trip!

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Tabasco said...

My tip for the tequila museum is to NOT pay the people in the little booth at the entrance for a tour. Admission to the museum is free and these guys just con you out of a few bucks to walk you in to the building. I hope you didn't fall for it!